June 20, 2016

Knowledge About Ptc Site Part 1

What are PTC sites?

PTC sites are called as Paid To Click sites where you will be getting paid some money whenever you watch ads. There are some websites in the internet that offer this business model with free investment but guaranteed payments.

It hardly takes 3 – 5minutes to work daily in one PTC website. Still you can earn $100 - $250 monthly if you registered with all sites mentioned in the list of ptc. Working in these sites does not require any special skills and any person with basic computer knowledge can start working this method from their home.

These paid to click jobs are easy to start and it is best suitable for Students, who are interested in doing online part time jobs at home. 

how to work ?

So just you may get some clarification about what is a PTC sites? Now, let me explain how PTC works?

 You have to open an account with them for free and login to your account every day to view all available advertisements.

 What are the requirements?

1. A personal computer or Laptop with Internet Connection
Attn: Register only one account per computer per internet connection.

2. Gmail Account

3. Personal Bank Account

4. Paypal (or) Payza Account.

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