June 18, 2016

Enjoy Unlimited Download Free Net On GP With Android & PC Fully New Update

Hello friends. How are you all. I am fine also and . Today i am very happy to say that after longtime i am success to use free net again on android phone. Not telling about my computer. So, you are ready what is the trick? let start

Its a trick for using facebook and bypass the download with unknown server. We all know that facebook is one of the most popular social network in world. Ofcaurse we find many files to download and wish also for free. 

What are the requirements ?

1. Android User download Advance Download Manager V5.APK
2. Computer User can use IDM.
3. Install 'ADM' on phone and minimize it.
now you are ready ......
Follow these step : 
1. I suggest to use default browser/chrome. And pc user can use mozila.
1. Go to 0.facebook.com
2. Go to video page and click "Play Video". Now can see a warning.

3. Now click "Continue" .
4. Cencel it.
5. Now copy the link.
6. Now go back again ADM and click the "+" icon.
7. Now cut "z-1-" thats mean your link just start with "video".
8. Now add "w." before "video". Understand problem? Cut "z-1-" and add "w." 

Now click "start" button and you video will start after 5/6 second..
Enjoy happy downloading...
Note: some time the link will changed. That mean 'z-1-' replace with 'm-1-' ect. Mind it that you just cut the link before 'video' and must add 'W.' before link. Thanks all for reading this tutoriol .


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