July 17, 2017

Gp Free Net Configure HTTP Injector Tutorial 2018

Hey, friends! How are you all? I am very happy. Because now I have shared GP free net 2018
by HTTP injector software. In the previous post, I published GP free net by VPN handler software.
Let’s start,

Step: 1

First, you need HTTP injector android software in your mobile. If you have not it. You should download from Google Play Store or Google search.

 GP Free Net Http Injector
Step: 2

After download, you can open your free net software (HTTP injector). Now click option bottom and select Payload Generator.

GP Free Net Http Injector

Step: 3

You can see now black URL box and other option. Now you must follow screenshot instruction. We put the server “redirection.gpeasynet.com”, Method is Get, Injection Method is Front inject. Then go to the extra header and select Online Host, Keep Alive, User Agent, Dual CONNECT. Now click Generate payload. 
GP Free Net Http Injector

Step: 4

Again click Http Injector more option and see at last server option. Now click on the server.This time you should must some volume data. Then you can see 3 servers. 

GP Free Net Http Injector

You can select any one. Then click on Remote Proxy and Secure Shell (SSH). Must put port 8080.
GP Free Net Http Injector

Step: 5

Now your all configuration is ok. Go to HTTP injector home page and start and enjoys Grameen phone free net 2017.

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